Issue 388: Reference to the measurements of position of things

Starting Date: 

posted by Athinak on 13/7/2018

In CRMsci, we need a reference to the measurements of the positions of things, in terms of place geometries that are measured and calculated by this kind of activities. So, a first idea is to extend the model to include a Measurement Position Activity that produces a geometric place definition in gml terms (which also may include the place of the possible sampling activities).
So, a proposal for a new class:

“Position Measurement”
Subclass of: S21 Measurement/S3 Measurement by Sampling
Scope note:
This class comprises activities of measuring the positions of instances of E2 Temporal Entity or E77 Persistent Items, (properties of physical things, or phenomena, states and interactions or events), e.g during a sampling activity, that can be determined by a systematic procedure.
During a Sampling Event that takes place, the scientist in order to collect samples and observe the occurrences (encounter events) in the specific area, keeps the information about the area of sampling by a number of measurements. By these area measurements, also encounter events volumes can be calculated. Furthermore, the volume of the sampling event can also be calculated.
All these related processes can be modelled by a Position Measurement activity that produces a Geometric Place Definition, which includes the Phenomenal Place in which the Sampling Activity took place.

Properties: produces: Geometric Place Definition?/or SP5 Geometric Place Expression: Q10 defines place: SP6 Declarative Place