Issue 362: P70 documents

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Posted by Steve on 16/1/2018

During discussions of Nomen Reference Source Attribute it came to light that the P70 documents examples and scope note do not highlight that any proposition about reality in any document can be represented by this path.

Issue: Enhance Scope Note to make this clearer and give further examples.

P70 documents (is documented in)

Domain:                 E31 Document

Range:                   E1 CRM Entity

Subproperty of:                E89 Propositional Object. P67 refers to (is referred to by): E1 CRM Entity

Quantification:  many to many, necessary (1,n:0,n)


Scope note:        This property describes the CRM Entities documented by instances of E31 Document.


Documents may describe any conceivable entity, hence the link to the highest-level entity in the CRM hierarchy. This property is intended for cases where a reference is regarded as being of a documentary character, in the scholarly or scientific sense.


    the British Museum catalogue (E31) documents the British Museum’s Collection (E78)


In First Order Logic:

                                P70 (x,y) ⊃ E31(x)

                                P70 (x,y) ⊃ E1(y)

                                P70(x,y) ⊃ P67(x,y)