Issue 350: Redefinition of O7 confines(is confined by)

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Posted by Martin on 20/9/2017


I propose the following redefinition of O7:



O7 confines (is confined by)


Domain:              S20 Rigid Physical Feature

Range:                 S10 Material Substantial

Quantification:    many to many (0,n:0,n)


Scope note:         This property associates an instance of S20 Rigid Physical Feature that partially or completely confines an instance of S10 Material Substantial. It describes cases in which rigid features such as stratigraphic layers, walls, dams, riverbeds, etc. form the boundaries of some item such as another stratigraphic layer or the river water .


In First Order Logic:

                           O7(x,y) ⊃ S20(x)

                           O7(x,y) ⊃ S10(y)

 The previous cryptic formulation as places is not adequate after introducing S20. Example missing. The property comes from the geological definition of bodies of water.